Plumbing Repair …. How do you do it?

Plumbing repair can be a real headache sometime.

Would you like an idea of how a plumbing repair should be done? Are you wondering what it might cost? Well we have your answers here! Here are 5 things a plumber will never tell you.

5 Things a plumber won’t tell you.

Plumbing repair and installations are expensive. It takes plumbers years of hard work and dedication to get their skills and all the necessary tools they need can cost a lot of money.  Most are professionals and they should be paid well.

Some of the work they do is considered much too difficult to do for the average do-it yourself person. But, sometimes even the smaller repair jobs that cost a considerable amount of money and there is no reason you can not handle some these repairs yourself.  Some repairs you will just need a few basic tools that you probably already own. Such as pliers, screwdrivers, pipe wrench, hacksaw, file, small torch and a plunger. Just basic tools that you probably already own..

Take the time to do your research on sites such as this one and try to get a better understanding of the job you are about to attempt. Be careful, have a plan, don’t rush  and you can succeed.

Yes, there will be jobs that may be too difficult for you to attempt on your own, But, if you do your research you will have a better knowing when you need to call in a professional plumber.

Study some of the topics we have shown on this website and I think it will help to decide if you can do this repair or installation yourself. Good luck.

fist full of money Plumbing Repair .... How do you do it?

Pay The Plumber

If you do need a plumber’s services, on this page you will find a national average on what the plumbing repair you need may cost you if you need to call a professional. Click here to learn more. You can also find some very good plumbing repair videos here.

tips and tricks sign Plumbing Repair .... How do you do it?

Plumbing Tips

Here you will find some of the tips and tricks of the plumbing profession. It is great information that just might help you with a plumbing problem. These tips are sent to us by professional plumbers, who have shared some of the secrets of their trade. It can be very helpful information that just might help you with a plumbing repair. They can be found here.  Choose the category:  Plumbing Tips & Tricks.  It’s worth the click!

sink clog Plumbing Repair .... How do you do it?

Where most sink clogs occur.

Drains handle all our waste water, bath water, dirty sink water and water we just don’t need anymore.  They quietly go about their job day after day and we just take them for granted until they start to have a little problem. After they start to get a little slow with draining or you start to get an odor from the sewer gases it is time to start unclogging a drain or it can turn into a major problem when they back up and drain into your home.  More here!

MONEY DRIP FAUCET Plumbing Repair .... How do you do it?

Trip, Money Drip

Drip, Drip, Drip. Had enough of those dripping faucets? That sound you hear is your money going down the drain.  A dripping faucet can cost you more money than you think and if it is the hot water side it becomes even more expensive. You would be surprised how fast it adds up.

strap Plumbing Repair .... How do you do it?

s trap, j tarp, p trap which ever you call it. They are found under most sinks

 A leaking p trap or sometimes called a S-trap or J-trap can cause mold and mildew and other nasty problems.  If this is not repaired for an extended period it can also cause decay, rot and possibly other damage to your cabinet or floor. Additional info can be found here.

man in toilet Plumbing Repair .... How do you do it?

Despite all that is associated with it, I think you will agree that the toilet is one of the most important and needed parts of your plumbing system. Sometimes they need a little help. You may have to replace a toilet wax ring and you can find more info on how to do that on this site. Look under the toilet tab on the menu. This is a plumbing repair you will want to make fast, because you need that toilet.

hot water heater Plumbing Repair .... How do you do it?

Hot Water Heater. There are many types.

Plumbing Repair to your hot water heater can vary from simple to complex. There are some problems that just have to be handled by a professional plumber and some are so simple you may be able do it yourself. Take a look here.


You could cut yourself with plumbing tools, get burned by a torch or suffer another injury trying to make certain repairs. Be careful and aware of all that is going on around you.  Get all the tools and replacement parts you will need ready before you begin.  Home plumbing repair does not always have to be hard.  Have a plan and do your research and we will try to help you with that here.

Plumbing repair does not have to be hard. Give it a try.

You asked for more tips and tricks so you can find them here.


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Remember…..Turn the water off before you begin your plumbing repair!