Low Water in Toilet Bowl

Low Water in Toilet Bowl? Check This First. Do you have low water in your toilet tank or low water in your toilet bowl? These are two entirely different problems that have two different solutions. If the water level in your toilet bowl is low, the most common problem is that the fill tube that …

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Toilet Repair. How much is this going to cost?

Toilet Repair. The cost can depend on a lot of different things. How much is it going to cost for your toilet repair? That depends on a few things, are you going to fix it yourself or call a professional plumber and what type of repair does your toilet need? Do you need to rebuild …

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Water Treatment Systems

Professional grade water treatment systems are not cheap. Safe and clean water is a necessity for a healthy life and should not be taken for granted. If you are fortunate enough to have clean water, you probably don’t even give it a second thought. If you are using a well or private water supply, you …

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What determines your water bill

What determines your water bill depends on the amount of water that you have used. Most municipalities measure water by CCFs. One CCF is equal to 100 cubic feet of water which is 780 gallons. The amount of total cubic feet consumed is calculated by subtracting your past meter reading from your current meter reading.   If …

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Water leak repair cost

Water leak repair cost What does a water leak repair cost? So far in the year 2013 the national average is approximately $110.00. This amount is not to make repairs but only to have a professional plumber come to your home and to try and locate your leak. It averages about 2 hours  of their …

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Cost to Install a Shower Head

Cost to Install a Shower Head Cost to Install a Shower Head is approximately $130.00 if done by a professional plumber. Now, this is if you choose a basic shower head and it is just a standard installation. This price will change depending on how much you want to upgrade your shower head and this …

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Cost to install ice maker

Cost to install ice maker If you want to have an ice maker installed in your refrigerator the national average cost for this is $230.00. This cost includes the cost of an average grade ice maker and the labor to have it installed by a professional plumber without any install complications.