What is a Certified Plumber ?

Being a certified plumber is a lot more than someone who is able to unclog a drain.

The plumbing profession often requires a very skilled professional who must pass a very strict certification process to be licensed to do their job.

A professional licensed plumber deals with so much more than the repair and installation of water pipes. In some cases they must work with gas, sewage, building codes and other engineering issues to complete a job and their work must  pass inspection by local government inspectors.

The plumbing profession requires a lot more than just some good handyman skills. Most plumbers begin their profession as apprentices, which means they work under a licensed plumber while they earn credit hours toward their own certification.

Once they have acquire enough certification hours as an apprentice, they must pass written local or state exams before they can be a certified  plumber.

If you need extensive plumbing repair or installation, it can be wise to ask about their certification before you hire someone to do the work.

Most professional plumbers will not be offended by asking if they are a certified and licensed  plumber. They are proud of their plumbing certification because they know the training and the efforts it took to get it. Do yourself a favor and always ask for a certified plumber.


certified plumber What is a Certified Plumber ?

Ask if the plumber you are about to hire is licensed and certified.