Corner Toilet

Corner toilet may be the answer.

 A corner toilet may be just what you need if you have a small or crowded bathroom. This type of toilet will enable you to take a very small space and make it usable with this type of bathroom fixture.

A corner toilet is a good alternative to a standard toilet that can sometimes take a lot space and in if you are dealing with a tiny bathroom that is a luxury you may not have. These types of toilets are designed to fit directly into a corner and they offer a very simple but classic appeal. Their unique design offers a different perspective from the normal location of a toilet and can give you more options on the layout of your bathroom.

corner toilet Corner Toilet

Small space? A corner toilet may be the answer.

Some homeowners actually prefer a corner toilet even when the size of their bathroom is not an issue. They just prefer the location and the look that this type of toilet offers them. This design is also available is in bathroom vanities and bowls if you need the extra space of just prefer the look that this design offers.

As always it is important that you check with your local government to ensure that this type of toilet is allowed by local building codes. Some codes require that the toilet be located a certain number of inches from the wall. A simple phone call to your local building inspector can give you the answer.

If you have limited space in your bathroom a corner toilet may be just what you need. A corner toilet can be a great space saver. If you are short on space give one a try. They are available in different designs and with different features.

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