Cost of a Burst Pipe

Cost of a burst pipe may depend on where it is located.

The cost to repair a burst water pipe will depend a great deal on where the pipe is located and if this is deemed an emergency repair. If the burst pipe is located in an easy to get access to place,  the cost of the repair will be much less expensive.
If you intend to have a plumber make the repair to your burst pipe and it has easy access, you can expect to pay from $100 to $200 for a simple repair. If the burst pipe is located inside a wall, underneath the ground or under a concrete foundation slab the cost can go up substantially and your final repair cost will depend on the additional labor charges to gain access to the burst pipe.
A plumber will most likely charge more if the repair has to be made on an emergency basis such as a holiday, night or weekend.

burst water pipe Cost of a Burst Pipe

The cost of a burst water pipe may depend on it’s location.

You also have to consider any water damage that may have been done to your home or building because of the leaking water. Water damage can sometimes be in the thousands of dollars if the water leak is not stopped quick enough and it is burst in a wall inside your home.
When you have a burst water pipe you need to act fast and stop the water flow because sometimes the cost of repairing the burst pipe will not be as much of a concern as the cost of the water damage to your property.