Garbage Disposal Installation Cost

Garbage disposal installation cost depend on a lot of different things.

So you want a garbage disposal. Garbage disposal installation cost can vary a great deal but we will try to give you  a basic idea of what to expect. There are a few basic things you must do before the garbage disposal installation begins. You must first check to see if local plumbing codes allow them. Some cities do not allow them because they have limits on sewer capacity. Too much food waste can affect the normal decomposition of septic waste. Also, if you have a septic tank you may be required to have a garbage disposal that is specifically designed for use with a septic system.

You will also need to have an electrical power source under your sink with the wattage the disposal would require. A one horsepower disposal is usually preferred for larger households, they have enough power to handle more waste. Smaller, less powerful disposals are sometimes allowed in smaller households with two people or less.

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Garbage Disposal Installation Cost Vary

Garbage disposal installation cost if done by a professional plumber averages about $350.00-$500.00 depending on the type and features of the disposal unit. Generally it takes approximately 5 hours to remove the old unit and install the new disposal and make all necessary plumbing and electrical connections. There are some  things that can affect the installation cost you pay, such as, is there electrical service under the cabinet, will the existing piping allow for the the disposal to be installed and will the existing sink allow for the installation. Remember that this estimate is based on a national basis in the United States. This estimate is calculated from average material costs and national average hourly labor wages for a standard installation.

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Careful not to waste your money.

Don’t be surprised if garbage disposal installation cost are sometimes increased by unexpected problems.