Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair. Can you Do It?

There are not many repairs that can be done to a garbage disposal, but there are a few so let’s take a look.

First you need to identify the type of problem you are having and with most people it is either one of three things.

  • The unit is jammed and will not run it just kind of hums.
  • There is an electrical problem and something has gone wrong with the power
  • There is a leak of some sort.

Please remember that under no circumstance are you to put your hand or fingers down a garbage disposal.

garbage disposal repair Garbage Disposal Repair

Can you fix your own garbage disposal?

Garbage Disposal Problems

If your disposal does not make any noise at all and you can not hear some type of humming coming from the motor it is very likely an electrical problem of some type. It may be as simple as pressing the reset button on the unit and it will restart. If that does not solve your problem check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If the breaker has not tripped you will need have an electrician check the switch or the garbage disposal itself to see if it is faulty.

If the unit makes a noise and is trying to run and will not, there is probably something lodged in the impeller and shredder and that is jamming the flywheel. It is very important to remember, never put your hand inside the disposal. To begin this repair make sure that the power to the unit turned off at the electrical panel. Next take the offset wrench that came with your disposal and put it in the flywheel turning hole on the unit and turn it clockwise until you flywheel dislodge and turn freely. If you have misplaced this wrench that are available at most hardware stores. You may have to hit the reset button again on the unit before it will restart. Once it starts turn it on and run plenty of water into the disposal and let it run a few seconds to flush the clog out the drain.

If your garbage disposal repair invokes fixing a leak, they can occur at a few different places. First if you have the type of garbage disposal that connects to your dishwater check the waterline where it is attached to the disposal and tighten the fitting or check the line for leaks. Also check the sink flange and sink strainer for leaks and tighten the mounting bolts or replace the gasket on the bottom side of the sink or the plumber’s putty on the top side of the sink if necessary. Another common place a garbage disposal leaks is at the discharge line. Check where the drain line is connected to the disposal for leaks and tighten the mounting screws if they loosen during use.

If your garbage disposal is very slow draining simply remove the fasteners holding on the discharge line and check the line for some type of clog. If you do not find a problem there the obstruction is probably located further down the line that isĀ attached to your sewer line and that type of clog you will need a sink auger or the services of a professional plumber.

Garbage disposal repair can sometime seem a little intimidating and difficult, but if you take planned deliberate actions, it is a repair that someone with average mechanical skills can accomplish.