Leaking Toilet

Leaking Toilet and where to look.

Want to know if and where your toilet may be leaking? Just add a few drops of food coloring to the tank on back of the toilet. After the drops have had a few minutes to mix and color the water just flush and look for the colored water. The colored water will show up very well if you have a leak. This little trick works every time to find that leak. Many professional plumbers use this method to locate the exact leak. Give it a try.

leaking toilet Leaking Toilet

Leaking Toilet ? Want an easy way to find the leak?

Remember that a leaking toilet can waste gallons of water in addition the water damage to your floor could be a very expensive repair.

What you need to do to stop the leak will depend on where the problem is located. One of the most common leaks occurs between the toilet bowl and the toilet bowl.

Another problem area is usually the toilet wax ring that is between the toilet bottom flange and your sewage pipe.

If your toilet tank or toilet bowl is broken or cracked you most likely will need a new toilet.

Most repairs only require a few basic inexpensive parts and a little labor.

Wherever the leak may be,  the colored water trick above will help you locate it and you can make the necessary repairs.

If you find your toilet wax ring is leaking, you can find help with that here.

A leaking toilet should not be ignored.