Life of a Water Heater and How to Make it Longer

Life of a water heater and how to make it longer.

You know and understand how a lot of the things that you own, like your car to your own body need a regular checkup. They also need a little maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiently and that will help give it a longer life.

Your water heater should be on your list of things that need regular maintenance. People have the radiator in their car flushed, but never think about having their hot water heater flushed.

Taking care of your water heater will give it a much longer life and assure that it operates at peak performance. Plumbers see a lot of water heaters problems that could have been avoided if homeowners would take the time to drain and flush their water heaters at least one time a year to help drain out the calcium and sediment deposits that build up in your water heater over time.

Life of a water heater …… want it to be longer, then show it a little attention. You will be repaid with more years of service.

draining water heater Life of a Water Heater and How to Make it Longer

Drain your hot water heater