Master Plumber

Difference Between a Master Plumber and Regular Plumber.

The services of a master plumber are generally in great demand. This is especially true in municipal and industrial based facilities that have large water and waste systems that require skilled people to keep them operating correctly. 
Master plumbers are journeyman plumbers who had extensive training by completing many hours of classroom training on building codes, safety, physics, blueprint reading, blueprint drawing and then followed by many hours of on the job training. After all the training they are then allowed to take the master plumber‘s examination and if they pass, can apply for their master plumber‘s certification.
The testing state offering the examination will probably require proper documentation of their work experience and classroom training before they are even allowed to take the exam.


The process of becoming a master plumber begins in most states by first becoming an apprentice and actually working for the required amount of time with a licensed journeyman plumber. After months of on the job training and class study the apprentice may apply to take the state examination. If the applicant successfully passes this exam they are a licensed journeyman plumber. After being licensed by the state the journeyman plumber must then undergo several more months of on the job training and added advanced classroom training and then the  journeyman plumber may apply to take the examination to become licensed as a master plumber in their area.

The time frame requirements for becoming a master plumber vary considerably from state to state. Some states only require that you have been licensed as a journeyman plumber for at least one year before you can take the examination for a master plumber’s license. Other states require as many as five or more years experience before you can apply. There are areas that also require that you work under the direct supervision of an existing master plumber for a specific amount of time before you are even allowed to take the examination


A master plumber will have years of experience and advanced skill levels. They will have a complete understanding of what can and can’t be done to keep your plumbing projects in compliance with local building codes and budget. If it is a large project they can create and offer a plumbing blueprint and make suggestions about what is best for your plumbing project. Most journeyman plumbers are very skilled craftsmen and can handle your plumbing installations and repairs very well. But, if you are facing a large commercial or particularly challenging project you may want to seek the services of a master plumber.

How to Become a Master Plumber
video by: John Wood