Do You Need An Oversized Toilet

Do You Need An Oversized Toilet?

With an obesity rate in the United States of over 30% among men and women there can be a need for oversized toilets. This can also be the case for some people who are, or might of someone in their household that may have a physical handicap or physical condition can require a toilet that is larger than a standard toilet. Fortunately these types of toilets are available and are not as uncommon as you might think.

You can buy a complete toilet or just a larger toilet seat, which can be installed on just the standard size toilet bowl which is already installed in your home.

oversize toilet 300x252 Do You Need An Oversized ToiletThey are designed to support more weight with than a regular toilet and offer much more stability and safety. In most cases they are  also a few inches higher and this can offer you some much-needed assistance when getting up or down.

An oversized toilet can be purchased in the basic colors as most regular toilets are available though most major home supply stores, plumbing supply companies or you could contact most any licensed plumber to assist you in their purchase and having it installed in your home.

As with any plumbing project it is good idea to check your local building codes to make sure this is allowed in your area before having this done. It most areas codes do allow for this to be done.


If you have a need for an oversize toilet, they can be of great help if you have the need of some assistance or just more space.