P Trap – What is it?

P Trap is not exactly what it sounds like.

A leaking P trap or sometimes referred to as Sink-trap or J-trap can cause mold and mildew and other nasty problems. If this is not repaired for an extended period it can also cause decay, rot and possibly other damage to your cabinet or floor. If you have to unclog a bathroom sink or unclog any sink in your home for that matter the problem will most likely occur at the p trap.

It is important that as soon as you have discovered your p trap is clogged or may be leaking you should start the process of replacing it or making repairs.

Where is your p trap?

If you have a sink you most likely have a p trap installed under it. They are used on most all types of sinks, no matter where the sink is located. The p trap is very important part of your drainage system and it has many than one function. It’s most important job is trap debris that is draining from the sink and this helps prevent drain clogs further down the drain pipe where it is more difficult to clear.

strap P Trap   What is it?

p trap, j tarp, s trap which ever you call it. Thay are found under most sinks

Another important job it has to prevent sewer gases from entering your home through your drain pipes by water that sets in the s part of the drain pipe to block these gases.

A p trap can be made from either steel or PVC pipe. Both are used often and the choice that is used is usually determined by cost or plumbing codes in your area.

Like a lot of plumbing repairs with a little knowledge and the right tools it is not that bad of a job to repair sink p traps.  They are very simple in their design and there are not very many p trap parts.