PEX Tubing

Understanding PEX tubing And Why It Is Advantageous For Your Home

PEX tubing refers to a water supply piping system that uses material made of high density polyethylene which is cross-linked to make it hard-wearing and enable it to be resistant to elements such as fragileness and cold temperature freezing and also offers ease on installation due to it’s flexibility. This particular type of piping system has been used in various constructions for numerous years, but in the last few years it has become  more popular. Ask your plumber about pex tubing prices, compared to copper it might surprise you.

There are many beneficial reasons why it is important to consider incorporating this type of plumbing system in your home compared to using traditional plumbing.

Pex Tubing Advantages:

plex tubing PEX Tubing

pex tube plumbing system

  • Enhances health and safety needs

This is one of the advantageous reasons why you should choose to use PEX plumbing in your home. It is essential to understand that water piping can sometimes contain contaminates. It is less likely to occur with water flowing thru through PEX tubing. This is because such pipes have been manufactured using highly recommended guidelines that meet the international standards. These pipes also undergo strict testing and certification to ensure that the harmful chemicals and solvents that may otherwise cause health-related problems are completely eliminated.

  • It is cost-effective

Installing and using a PEX tubing system in your home is relatively affordable compared to fixing and using traditional plumbing system. This is because the PEX pipe is highly flexible thus making it easy for you to bend it over or around any particular object that could possibly cause an obstruction. This is essential because it will enable you to save a considerable amount of money that you could otherwise have spent in purchasing additional joints for your plumbing needs. It is also vital to understand that purchasing materials for this plumbing is comparatively cheaper than those used for traditional plumbing.

  • Durability

 PEX plumbing systems are very durable and you can be certain that you will take a considerable number of years before thinking about replacing it. This is because the PEX materials are manufactured using advanced technology that consequently makes it possible for them to become stronger and long-lasting. This is an important consideration because it will enable you to save substantial amount of money that you would use for frequent repair or replacing of these materials. It will also enable you to have a peace of mind since you will not be bothered by regular breakdown of your plumbing system.

pex tools 2 PEX Tubing

pex tubing tools are needed

  • It is easy to install

Fixing this plumbing system is relatively easy compared to the traditional plumbing. This is because it does not require complex and rigorous elements such as soldering. It is also easy to install PEX piping because each of its line is independent to the incoming source of water thus facilitating swift installation. It is also freeze resistant to help prevent your water pipes from freezing and bursting in the winter months. This basically implies that installing this kind of plumbing system in your home is not necessarily labor intensive since it can be carried out within the shortest time possible and ultimately enabling you to cut labor cost.

  • It is environmental-friendly

If you have environmental concerns this may be the kind of plumbing system that you need to use in your home because it has aspects that makes it to be friendly to the environment. One way is that does not corrode thus making it an ideal choice for green piping.

 With all these advantages and many more, a PEX tubing system may be the suitable one for your home.

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Is a PEX Tubing System right for your home?

Pex tubing sizes cover all the diameters you will need for a standard installation in a home or building and this type of plumbing must meet pex tubing specifications and codes for it to be installed. Pex tubing suppliers are located in almost every area.