Plumbing Costs. What to Except.

What will be your plumbing costs? Let us help you answer this question.

If you own a home your plumbing costs can be some of the most expensive areas of your house. 

My plumbing is broke…..just tell me how much it’s going to cost!

It is very hard to give plumbing costs estimates without all the facts that are to be considered. But if you are doing new installation and needed a figure to work from, the national average is about $4.50 plumbing cost per square foot of the size of your house. If you have the necessary skills to do this work you may save about half of these costs. But, remember that in most cases your work will have to pass inspection and there are plumbing codes you must follow.

Typical plumbing repair costs are sometimes dictated by the amount of competition from other plumbers or if the work to be done is considered and emergency repair that will need to be done at night, on a holiday or weekend.


The average cost to replace the exposed plumbing in a typical 1,500 square foot home with two bathrooms averages between $2,000 and $5,000. By exposed plumbing we are referring to pumping repair or replacement that can be accessed without tearing down walls or removing floors. Prices can vary a great deal from house to house just by the amount of access space a plumber has to do their work.

More plumbing costs information….click the link!

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Pay The Plumber

Is hiring a plumber a waste of your money? 
What determines your water bill?
Tankless water heater installation cost
Water heater installation cost
Water heater repair cost
Garbage disposal installation cost
Water leak repair cost
Cost to install a shower head
Cost to repair a leaky faucet
Cost to install a ice maker
Cost to install a water treatment system
Cost to have a septic tank pumped out
Cost to unclog a toilet (at bottom of page)
Cost to repair a toilet
Cost of a burst pipe
Cost to repair a slab leak
Bathroom Remodel Cost
Sewer Line Replacement Cost
Low Water in Toilet Bowl Repair Cost



Do you want to know a few other things that can affect your plumbing costs?

1. A running or leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day. That is over 6,000 gallons a month. You can ignore it now, but you pay at the end of the month when you receive your water bill.

2. Get three quotes on expensive repairs or installations. Be very concerned over prices quotes that are very low or very high. Most reputable plumbers will be fairly close in their quotes for the same work and quality.

3. It is usually less expensive if you pay a plumber by the job and not by the hour.

4. Are you always having to jiggle the handle on your toilet to stop it from running? Just go purchase a simple toilet flap valve from a hardware store. It will only cost about $5.00 and it is a very simple repair. If you call a plumber, except to pay around $100.00 for the repair and service call to your home.

5. Water is the single most common cause of damage done to homes and 62% of the time it is from the result of faulty plumbing.

Plumbers use their own formulas to arrive at their prices such as, price of materials, amount of time required and the difficulty of the job. Certain plumbers will offer you a flat fee for their services and others will work at a fixed rate per hour plus the cost of materials and other expenses.  

pile of money Plumbing Costs. What to Except.

What will it cost?

Some states will allow a plumber to send their associates to do your repairs as they are allowed to work under the license of their employer. However, some states will require that a license plumber be on the job site to oversee the work of their employee.

If you have a preference on this, you need to ask before they begin making the repairs or installations. Make your wishes known upfront if you prefer the licensed plumber be the one to do your work. It is ok to ask.

Below you will find the national average plumbing costs of having certain plumbing repairs and installations. 

Remember, these are national averages and the costs in your area may be lower or higher. It will give you an idea of what to expect. It is a good idea to always know what the average plumbing cost per hour is in your area.

You can find more plumbing cost information on our tips & tricks page.

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So how much do plumbers cost?

Plumbing Costs National Averages are shown below:



Repair a toilet


Install a toilet


Repair a septic tank


Install a septic tank


Repair a septic main line


Install a sink


Install a faucet


Repair a water heater


Install a water heater


Unclog a drain


Install a shower


Install a bath tub


Repair a slump pump


Install water Treatment System


Install a new water main line


Install new plumbing pipes


Plumbing costs may also be affected by the area you live or will have the repairs done in. Sometimes they also tend to vary a great deal by region. Plumbing costs are just like everything else in that they follow supply and demand to some degree.



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