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Duck Commander Phil Robertson ‘disses’ plumbers and they still love him
“Duck Dynasty” viewers will probably remember the episode that featured Phil Robertson under the kitchen sink working on the plumbing. As Miss Kay rolled her eyes, the Duck Commander explained that real men don’t call plumbers. Plumbers probably 
Lead-free plumbing poses conundrums for different parties
Contractor Mag (blog)
U.S. plumbing manufacturers are fine with the lead-free brass law that takes effect on Jan. 4, 2014. They’ve had years to comply with the law. The new law will make it illegal to sell or install pipes, fittings and fixtures in applications that convey Cast-iron fixtures are strong, attractive and tested
Chicago Daily Herald
Today’s cast-iron plumbing fixtures offer more deep rich colors than ever, along with new finishes that almost look three-dimensional. This allows the fixture to look beautiful on its own, and when used in combination with other materials, it 

How to Succeed at DIY Plumbing — and What Not to Do
AOL Real Estate (blog)
Much like roofing projects, plumbing is generally a task that’s better left to the professionals. But if you’re determined to flex your DIY muscles on those pipes and tubes (and save some money while you’re at it), we have some useful tips for fixing 

Mike Holmes: What you need to know when building new
Montreal Gazette
You’re expected to cover all costs incurred up until the rough-in stage, including all land costscoststo get the area serviced, getting the foundation, subfloor, framing, sheathing and roof done and getting all the electrical and plumbing roughed-in 

Plumber: Sink colors add splash
Wicked Local
Q: Hello, Ed. I’m a big fan of your column and enjoy reading about new plumbing trends. I’m looking to replace my kitchen sink and change the wall color of my kitchen to match the new sink. No matter the weather, I want my kitchen to look bright and 

Progressive Plumbing
Explorer News
Right now, the plumbing in your home has lead in it. It leaches into your tap water while sitting in the pipe. We offer a system that connects to your kitchen faucet and will remove the lead along with other nasties like chlorine and trihalomethynes