Septic Tank Pumping Cost

Septic tank pumping cost national average is approximately $400.

If you own your home and you are not connected to a municipal or commercial sewage system, you will eventually need to have your septic tank pumped out.  Under normal circumstances you will need to do this about every three years, more if a larger number of people use the system. When it is time for a septic tank pump out be advised there are factors other than the tank size that may affect your cost.

They are:
1. Your location and the distance they will have to travel to your home.

2. The size of your septic tank. A standard tank is 1000 gallons and most base their price on this.

3. Do you know where your tank is located in your yard and where the access lid is. You may be charged if they have to spent a great of time trying to locate the tank and the access lid.

4. Are the dumping fees included in the price or is it an additional fee.

5. Do they charge an additional  fee to inspect the inlet and outlet pipes.

septic tank pumping cost lid dug out Septic Tank Pumping Cost

Know where your septic tank is located to save money!

If it has been from three to five years since you had your septic tank pumped out and your toilets are not fully flushing or you are starting to smell strong odors or if  your sinks may drain slowly you may be time to have your septic tank inspected to see if it needs pumping out. You might also notice wet areas or standing water above the drainfield in your yard when your tank is full.

It is recommended to contact three different licensed septic pumping companies to obtain a quote for a septic tank pumping cost estimate. Ask about the five listed items above to determine if they are included in the estimate that you are given.

Septic tank pumping cost In 2013 had a national average of approximately $400.00 for a 1000 gallon tank. Please note this was the national average in United States and will vary by region.