Sewer Line

Sewer Line Trouble. It stinks.

Sewer line issues are considered a major and urgent type of repair in the plumbing business. If you have some type of issue with your sewage system, you need to start the repairs as soon as possible. A leaking sewer line can spread bacteria and contaminate the surrounding area and possibly your ground water supply very rapidly. This would not be a safe environment for you, your family or your pets. It is better to act sooner rather than later when you have sewer line issues.

Sewer Line Repair

If you are having trouble with your sewer line it may be as simple as having a clog cleared from the line and getting the flow of waste moving freely through the line again. Sometimes you might not be so lucky and the backup of sewage is caused by sometime much more serious, like tree roots in the line and will result in more complicated and expensive repairs. Whatever type of repairs you need, it is better to respond quickly rather than letting it develop into a larger problem.

Unless it is quite obvious what type of repair your sewer lines needs, such as a broken or damaged sewer pipe it will probably save you money in the longer run to hire a professional, who has the necessary equipment to pinpoint the exact location and cause of the problem. Many plumbers have cameras and listening devices that allow them to look down and also listen to your sewer line. This may prevent you from having your lawn dug up just trying to locate the problem.

sewer line replacment Sewer Line

Most sewer lines are underground.

 Sewer Line Replacement Cost

The national average for sewer line replacement cost is about $3,000. This is for a complete sewer line replacement, which is your main line that carries sewage and waste water from your home and connects to your septic tank or directly into your city’s sewer system. The primary factor in determining the cost of the repair in most situations is access to the sewer line. Remember that most sewer lines are located underground, sometimes under driveways, gardens or patios. Gaining access to the line often is usually the most labor intense part of the repair and  has the most effect on the amount of the repair cost.

Sewer Line Insurance

Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover sewer line repairs or sewer line replacement cost. Your policy may be the exception, so contact your insurance company to clarify your coverage. Most all areas will require that if you must have major repairs or replace your sewer line that you obtain a permit to have this work done and that it be inspected by your local building inspector.

Watch a sewer line being cleared by a professional plumber.