Small children and hot water.

Small children and hot water.

Small children and hot water do not mix very well. If you have small children and you have concerns about them getting burned by your hot water faucets, you can have anti-scald faucets installed in your home to prevent a sudden influx of hot water coming out of your faucet. 

ANTI SCALD FAUCET Small children and hot water.

Wall mounted anti scald faucet


ANTI SCALD SHOWER HEAD Small children and hot water.

Anti scald faucet that attaches directly to the shower pipe.

Anti scald faucets come in a variety of types. There are types that are installed directly into the water line or other types that can be screwed right onto your faucet.

These types of faucets help protect you from being burned by maintaining the correct water balance between hot and cold water on the faucet when other faucets are opened in your home. If you have small children in your home they can be a very important safety measure, because small children and hot water may not be a very good mix.