Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost

A tankless water heater just might be worth the cost.

Tankless water heater installation cost can vary a great deal because there are a few things that could affect your cost in a significant way. For example, is there a sufficient power source nearby as most tankless water heaters require higher voltage or will a gas line need to be installed. A tankless water heater may also need additional wall support to be added because of its weight. All of these and additional considerations will have to be considered before you will have your final installation cost.

Even with are the costs that may be involved you may find that in the end it is well worth it. If you like the idea of having instant hot water and having that water heated in a most efficient way then a tankless water heater may be just what need. It will save space over a conventional water heater and the cost to heat your water may be reduced by as much as 30% on the average.

In most cases, unless you have experience in do it yourself projects,  a tankless water installation should be done by a professional plumber who has knowledge of local plumbing codes and has experience dealing with gas and water lines or high voltage electricity. Most of your cost will be based on the tankless water heater you wished to have installed and also the amount of prep work and finish work that is required for the installation. In usually takes about one day to properly install your tankless heater and may take more than one person if there is a need for extensive site work to be done before the installation can begin. The national average cost for installation is between $850 – $1200.00 and this is for a basic installation and an average grade tankless water heater.

If you are fairly skilled in diy projects you may be able to do a lot of the prep work yourself and save money. You can also purchase the heater yourself by shopping around to find a quality heater that is on sale. Remember, that in most cases you will be required to get a permit from the city or county to make this type of change in your home and the work  will have to be  inspected to see if it meets the local plumbing and building codes that are in place for the county the work is being done. Bottom line is that because of the specialized skills needed to do this type of work you may just want to call in the professionals on this type of installation.

After all of the considerations mentioned in this article and some we may missed, only then will you have your final tankless water heater installation cost and hopefully this will aid you in making a decision to try this type of water heater.

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