Toilet Handle

A toilet handle is a very easy repair to make.

The toilet handle repair is very easy. Just follow these steps:

Cut off the water supply from your faucet that is either behind or under your tank. This prevents the tank from refilling while you make your repairs.

Flush the toilet and then remove the tank cover.

After the water empties into the bowl check the chain or rubber strap that runs from the handle to the flapper to see if it is tangled or has come off.


Notice how simple the toilet handles works.

Make sure the chain or strap is not being interfered with by the float ball or anything else that will obstruct it’s free movement.

If there is something touching or interfering with any of moving parts, go ahead and make slight adjustments.

If something appears damaged even in the slightest, replace with a new handle repair kit.

If decide to hire a plumber for this repair, you can find more information on what it might cost at this link.