Toilet Valve

A toilet valve repair is very basic.

 Toilet Valve

If you hear water that keeps running in your toilet tank (part that sits on toilet bowl) then you probably need a toilet valve repair. This is the part that is inside the tank that controls the water that flows into your toilet bowl by dropping a flapper over the opening into your toilet bowl that cuts the water off when it reaches the required level.

Sometimes, you can reach in and check the seal where the flapper closes to see if it is free of any type of sand or grit that is keeping the valve from completely closing. Don’t worry it is clean water in the tank part. If there are no obstructions you will have to get a replacement and install it. This is a very simple repair if you follow the instructions on the package. A toilet valve repair kit is available and very inexpensive.

Be sure to cut off the water supply before you begin this repair. After your installation be sure and check for leaks.

The video below will show exactly how to do it.

 Toilet Valve Replacement
video courtesy: danjiles