Toilet Wax Ring

To replace a toilet wax ring may not be as bad as you think.

If you have to replace toilet wax ring it is not very hard,  but some people find this a little difficult because of the weight of the toilet. Other than dealing with weight it is a very basic repair.

It is basically a large wax ring that is between your toilet and the flange that is secured into your floor. It serves a gasket to prevent leakage into your house when you flush your toilet. If they are leaking it cause your floor to rot around the base and also cause odor in your bathroom. If you think they might be leaking replace it because they are very inexpensive and replacing your rotted floor will not be. Purchase your new wax ring and place it somewhere that is room temperature for a while so it will soften and seal better when you are ready to install it.

toilet wax ring Toilet Wax Ring

The toilet wax ring is located under your toilet bowl.

  • Cut off the water  feeding your tank
  • Put on rubber or vinyl gloves.
  • Flush to drain the water from the toilet.
  • Remove the caps on the nuts at the floor and then remove the nuts from floor flange.
  • Disconnect the water supply line from the bowl.
  • Gently rock the bowl slightly back and forth to loosen the old wax ring and lift off the complete toilet.
  • Completely clean the old wax ring from the flange and the bottom of the bowl.
  • Insert your new wax ring the in the flange.
  • Use new flange bolts and lower your toilet directly onto the flange, making sure to align the bolts with the holes in the bowl.
  • Press down on the bowl hard or just sit on it to ensure a good seal and then tighten the nuts and replace the caps over the tighten nuts
  • Attached your water supply line and turn on.
  • Check for leaks.
  • Apply caulk around the base of your toilet and you have replaced a toilet wax ring

Do not put a lot of pressure on the tank when removing or repairing the toilet base. You might damage the seal between the tank and the bowl and cause it to leak.

Just say to yourself ” replace toilet wax ring ” I can do this! …. Think of the money you will save.

*video courtesy: Phil Crockett

How to replace toilet wax ring.