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A lot goes into ToTo Toilets

Toto toilets are a product of Toto Company the world’s leading toilet manufacturer based in Kitakyushu, Japan. The company though has many other manufacturing plants around the world including in USA and China. In the United States Toto plant is located in the state of Georgia.They are also located in the United Kingdom in Farringdon, London. They have been in business over 90 years and regardless of where their products are manufactured they observe the same stringent quality control standards.

Toto Toilets bring comfort to the bathroom and they have been doing this for almost a century because their toilet brand is very reliable. They provide an individual with a superior bathing experience. Toto toilets combine technology, unique design, detail, innovation and quality ensuring an individual enjoys knowing they have some of the best products made. Toto  also brings durability, reliability and longevity to the marketplace. Some are their features are:

  • Toto toilets are developed using nanotechnology and the special CeFiONTect glaze is used on the ceramic surfaces ensuring a lasting shine and also prevents formation of mold thus keeping the accumulation of germs and dirt away. The use of the special glaze also makes it possible to clean it using microfiber cloths.

  • They also employ another innovative feature the “Tornado Flush” which uses a three-jet flush to clean the bowl up to the top edge through the whirlpool effect created by the jets.

  • Many are designed with Wonderwave technology which turns water into tiny waveforms that cleans the bowl and also have antiseptic qualities to protect it against germs.

  • They use the GMAX flushing system that allows for a 1.28 GPF flushing power.

  • They have a soft closing lid which protects the seat from damage and it is highly durable.

  • Most of them are ADA compliant meaning they abide to the accessibility guidelines on height requirements

  • Benefits of Toto toilets include being efficient in water usage. They come with an option of choosing as low as 1 gallon per flush and  they have have designed a toilet that flushs the waste and at the same time cleans the bowl efficiently.

  • They offer a wall mounted toilet in some collections therefore saving space.

  • The Toto Washlet is a innovative toilet seat which has an integrated bidet, a feature that activates once you press a button or through a remote control. This will extend a small wand from the back of the rim and jet water on the users’ backside. Different Toto Washlet models come with different features such as seat heaters, dryers and air fresheners.

    toto toilets ToTo Toilets

    ToTo Toilets

Toto toilets come in many different models.

The most popular being the Drake series which has different finishes ranging from ebony to cotton. The other models include Aquia, Supreme, Ultramax, and ToTo Het which is most ideal for offices while Drake and Aquia being the best choices for homeowners. The Aquia collection has a dual flush feature of 0.9 GPF and 1.6GPF and the user decides on amount of flush power by pushing either of the two buttons. The Neorest, another of Toto’s toilets comes with front and rear cleansing which is controlled by the user and it also has drying options, hence no need for toilet paper. It also has an automatic lid that opens once you near it. Toto replacement parts and a Toto toilet parts list are also ready available.

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Some of the reasons toto toilets are some of the best.

Toto toilets are some of the best toilets on the market and they offer shoppers a wide range to choose from which includes commercial, traditional or contemporary styles. You can find ToTo Toilet reviews at this link by Consumer Reports.