Utility Sink and what it cost to have installed.

Utility Sink, mud sink or laundry sink. Whatever you call it. It is very useful.

Which ever name you choose to give it, a utility sink is one of the most useful sinks you can have in your home. Because of the large and deep tub and the fact,  they are generally located in a mud room, laundry room or garage, a utility sink  can quickly become one of the most appreciated items in your home. It is a great place to rinse large items, remove dirt, rinse paint brushes, soaking laundry items before washing and many it has many uses.

Utility Sink Cost

utility sink Utility Sink and what it cost to have installed.

Utility Sink. Basic Style

Because there are many different styles and sizes of utility sinks, the cost for the sink itself can vary a great deal. They are made in different materials which can greatly affect their cost. The cost of a very basic utility sink made from fiberglass or vinyl is about $50-$100. Some units do not include the faucets or drain connections. This would be an additional cost which would depend on the quality of faucets you choose. There are also utility sinks available in stainless steel which will cost you around  $175-$500, there again depending on the quality.  You can also find utility sinks with cabinets, utility sinks with wall mounts and a freestanding utility sink. The price of these type sinks just depends on the type and quality you choose.

Utility Sink Installation Cost.

The cost to have your utility sink installed by a plumber can vary just as much as the sink itself costs. The basic cost to have a plumber install a utility sink is averages about $200. This price assumes that it is a basic hookup with no complications. If there are no drain or vent pipes in place and they have to be installed by the plumber this will result in additional costs that can only be determined after the plumber assets the job. In some cases this can push the installation cost to the $500-$1000.00 range. As always ask for an estimate before the work begins.

utility sink with cabinet Utility Sink and what it cost to have installed.

Utility sink with cabinet