Water Heater Installation Cost

Water heater installation cost can vary a great deal.

Water heater installation cost does not seem to matter as much when you are standing in a cold shower. The good news is newer models are much more energy efficient than older models and can save you money on operating expense to help you recover your installation cost.  But, don’t be too quick to do this though if your heater is fairly new as you may still be able to make the needed repairs. Most tank type heaters have an average life span of approximately 12 years.

Newer models now use a glass lined tank which helps a great deal in prolonging the life of water heaters.  A new unit will most likely cost you between $500-$1200.00 to have it installed. You may want to have a professional plumber assist with the installation unless you have experience in water heater installation because you will be dealing with high electrical voltage or gas and both can be very dangerous to you and your family.  A professional plumber will have the special tools and skills there are required to get the installation done correctly and safely. It usually takes from 2 to 4 hours to complete the job unless there are special circumstances or more repairs that have to be done because of water damage from a leaking water heater and this would of course increase the cost.

You may also want to consider the new tankless or solar power water heaters. These types of  water heaters will cost you more upfront,  but newer models can be up to 20% more energy efficient and you may qualify for federal tax credits if have one of these types installed.

water heaters photo Water Heater Installation Cost

water heater installation cost depend on a lot of different factors

Whether you choose to repair or replace just always remember to put safety first. Remember, your water is heated by either gas or high voltage electricity and both can be very dangerous. The water heater installation cost is just a part of life and it sure beats having no hot water.