Water Heaters and Cold Weather

Water heaters and cold weather sometimes don’t play well together.

Most people tend to take longer hot showers in the winter months when it is cold outside. Many experience that during the winter months their water heater starts to run out of hot water and notice they just don’t seem to have as much hot water that is needed for your household or perhaps their water just does not seem to get as hot as it did during the warmer months.

cold weather thermo Water Heaters and Cold Weather

Water heaters work harder in cold weather.

As the outside temperature becomes colder during the winter, it also drops the ground temperature where the water pipes are laid that come to your house. This causes most water heaters to have to work harder to heat the cooler water that is coming in. Once the water is heated and you start to use it in a shower or sink it causes more of the cooler water to come into your water heater that is trying to reach the temperature that you have your water heater thermostat set at. This can be can especially harder on older water heaters that have sediment that has formed inside the water heater tank.

Using a water heater blanket and having good water heater installation can help a great deal. You can also turn up the thermostat on your water heater just a few degrees which may help during the cold winter months.

water heater blanket Water Heaters and Cold Weather

Water Heater Blanket

 In cold weather, water heaters can use a little help.