Low Water in Toilet Bowl

Low Water in Toilet Bowl? Check This First.

Do you have low water in your toilet tank or low water in your toilet bowl? These are two entirely different problems that have two different solutions. If the water level in your toilet bowl is low, the most common problem is that the fill tube that flows into the fill valve has come out or is damaged. The fill tube is a small plastic flexible hose that is usually black or clear in color that goes directly into the vertical tube that is located in the toilet bowl. This tube allows water to flow into the toilet bowl each time the toilet is flushed. This tube should have at small clip that holds it in the fill valve tube. On occasion this clip will come out and allow the fill tube to come all the way or partially out and therefore the water level in the toilet bowl is low because not enough water is allowed to run in the bowl before the toilet tank fills and the valve shuts off the water flow.

Sometimes the fill tube may not have come out, but it is partially blocked or damaged in some way. You will need to make sure that the fill tube in pointed directly into the vertical fill valve tube and that it has a steady flow water coming through it.

 The fill tube is almost always the problem when you have low water in the toilet bowl and everything else about the toilet seems to be working properly. In very rare cases, it can also be your toilet has been cracked on the lower bowl side in some way and the water is leaking out through the sewer line or onto your floor or subfloor.

There is also an outside chance that your sewer vent line has become stopped up by something. The sewer vent pipe is the line that runs through your wall and out the roof of your house. The job of the vent pipe is to allow sewer gases to escape out and to let air in when you flush your toilet. This creates a siphoning action and helps in the process of your toilet flushing properly and it will also have an effect on the water level in your toilet if there is not a free flow of air through the vent pipe. In most cases if there is a problem with your vent pipe it will have an effect on the other drains in your home.

 How much will it cost to have a plumber repair a low water in toilet bowl problem?

I f a plumber has to come to your house and make this repair and assuming that the plumber would have to replace the toilet tank fill valve and tube, the national average for this type of repair is about $150.00. If you have a cracked toilet or issues with the vent pipe the charges could be considerably more.

Toilet tank fill valve Low Water in Toilet Bowl

This is the toilet bowl fill tube.